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Japan Travel Tips

Welcome to your ultimate resource for insider Japan travel tips. Whether you’re planning a dream trip or want tips to make your visit unforgettable, you’ve come to the right place.

Get swept up in the magic of Japan with our guides on transportation, accommodations, budgeting, etiquette and more. Discover the latest tips for cherry blossom season, autumn leaves, Japan’s amazing food scene, cultural experiences and quintessential sights.

Start reading our Japan travel tips and get ready for the trip of a lifetime! With us as your guide, you’ll return home with incredible memories.

Tokyo Travel Tips

As Japan’s largest city, Tokyo can feel overwhelming if you don’t know the lay of the land. Use our Tokyo travel tips to navigate the metro system, find the best hotels and restaurants, and see top attractions like the Tokyo Skytree, Sensoji Temple, Meiji Shrine and more. We’ll help you experience Tokyo like a local and make the most of your time.

Getting Around Tokyo

Tokyo has one of the most complex but efficient metro systems in the world. Our Tokyo subway travel tips will help you buy a metro pass, navigate lines and stations, avoid rush hour, and use buses and taxis. We’ll ensure you can conquer Tokyo’s transit smoothly.

Where to Stay in Tokyo

With so many options, choosing where to stay in Tokyo can be daunting. Our hotel tips for Tokyo will advise on the best neighborhoods like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, Odaiba and more to match your interests, budget and style. We’ll save you time and money.

Top Things to Do in Tokyo

From neon nightlife to historic shrines, the possibilities in Tokyo are endless. Our Tokyo attraction travel tips will help you see must-visit spots like Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Yoyogi Park, and find unique experiences like robot restaurants, maid cafes and more.

Day Trips from Tokyo

Escape the bustling city with our suggested Tokyo day trips like Mt Fuji, Hakone onsen town, Nikko’s shrines and more. With our Tokyo itineraries you can admire modern architecture, soak in hot springs, and try delicious street food.

Kyoto Travel Tips

Step back in time to old Japan in Kyoto, known for its 2000 temples and shrines. Use our Kyoto travel tips to visit top sites like Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera, Nijo Castle, Arashiyama bamboo grove and more. We’ll also suggest the best hotels, restaurants and day trips.

Getting Around Kyoto

Kyoto has an extensive public transit system of trains, buses and subways. Our Kyoto transportation travel tips will help you get around easily and cheaply, including how to take the train from Kyoto to Osaka. We’ll save you time exploring.

Top Things to Do in Kyoto

From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to zen gardens and geisha culture, Kyoto is packed with history and tradition. Our Kyoto attraction tips will guide you to the must-see temples, shrines, imperial villas, museums, and find unique cultural experiences.

Where to Stay in Kyoto

With budget hostels, ryokan inns, and luxury hotels, Kyoto offers diverse lodging options. Our accommodation tips for Kyoto will help you decide where to stay from Higashiyama to Arashiyama to be nearby top sights and transit.

Day Trips from Kyoto

Escape the city for a day to see stunning natural landscapes, ancient capitals, and delicious street food. Our recommended Kyoto day trips include Nara, Osaka, Himeji Castle, Mount Koya and more, all accessible by train or bus.

Osaka Travel Tips

Japan’s third largest city has a unique foodie, local vibe. Our Osaka travel tips will guide you to top attractions like Osaka Castle, Dotonbori street food alleys, and the Umeda Sky Building. We’ll suggest the best hotels and day trips too.

Getting Around Osaka

Osaka has an easy-to-use metro system, buses and trains. Our Osaka transportation tips will help you get your bearings, purchase transit passes, use rideshares, and find bike rental spots. We’ll keep you mobile.

What to Do in Osaka

From street food to family-friendly museums, Osaka offers diverse attractions. Our Osaka itineraries will suggest top sights like Osaka Aquarium, Universal Studios Japan, museums, and the shopping hub of Den Den Town for anime.

Where to Stay in Osaka

Pick the perfect area to stay in Osaka using our accommodation tips tailored to your budget and interests. We’ll suggest the best neighborhoods and hotels from flashy Namba to quiet Honmachi and beyond.

Day Trips from Osaka

Take easy day trips from Osaka to see historic and cultural sights with our tips. Popular picks include Nara’s temples, Himeji Castle, the mountain town of Koya-san, and experiencing old Japan in Takayama with its hot springs and street food.

Getting Around Japan

Japan has one of the world’s most convenient and efficient public transportation networks. Our Japan transportation tips will help you navigate the high-speed bullet trains, subways, buses, taxis and domestic flights.

Japan Train Travel Tips

Japan’s shinkansen bullet trains make getting around easy. Our Japan train travel tips will help you use the Japan Rail Pass, ride local and express trains, navigate stations, ride overnight, and avoid rush hour. You’ll ride like a pro!

Japan Subway Tips

Japan’s major cities have complex subway systems. Our Japan subway travel tips will help you buy subway cards, read signs, find your platform, avoid packed trains, and get around underground with ease.

Japan Bus Travel Tips

Buses in Japan are comfortable, reliable and easy for sightseeing. Our Japan bus tips cover how to read routes, hail buses, pay fares, use airport limousines and overnight buses between cities.

Japan Taxi Travel Tips

Taxis in Japan are efficient but expensive. We’ll advise when riding taxis makes sense, how to hail them, open doors, basic etiquette, and using apps for taxis including Uber. We’ll save you hassle and money.

Getting Around Japan’s Airports

Navigating Japan’s airports can be confusing. Our tips will help you access and transfer between Haneda and Narita airports to downtown Tokyo, Osaka Kansai airport, and more using trains, buses, taxis and limousine services.

Japan Travel Budget and Saving Money

While known for being expensive, you can enjoy Japan on a reasonable budget. Our money-saving Japan travel tips show you how to find cheap flights, discounted hotels and rail passes, eat inexpensively, visit free temples and parks, and find other deals.

Japan Cheap Eats Guide

Eating out in Japan doesn’t have to wreck your budget. Our cheap food in Japan tips will show you where to find conveyor belt sushi, standing noodle bars, fast food joints, set lunch deals, supermarket dining, and 100 yen shops for saving on meals.

Finding Cheap Hotels in Japan

Lodging in Japan can be pricey but we’ll show you how to save with business hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, free overnight temples, and capsules. Our affordable hotels in Japan tips will suit any budget.

Getting Discount Japan Rail Passes

Use our tips to save big on Japan train travel. We’ll explain who is eligible for Japan Rail Passes, how to buy discounted passes, and other ways to save on bullet trains with advanced booking, off-peak trains and more.

Free Things to Do in Japan

Enjoy Japan without going broke using our tips for free attractions. We’ll suggest free museums and temples in cities, viewing cherry blossoms and fall foliage, trying free samples at markets, and exploring local parks and gardens for free.

More Japan Budget Travel Tips

Find even more savings with our advice on getting cheap flights to Japan, traveling outside peak seasons, sticking to smaller cities, taking overnight buses, and shopping at 100 yen stores, drugstores, and flea markets. Our money-saving guide ensures you experience Japan affordably.

Accommodations in Japan

From ryokans and Airbnbs to hotels and hostels, use our guides to book the perfect accommodation in Japan for your style and budget. We’ll help you decide where to stay in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other cities across Japan.

Where to Stay in Tokyo

With luxury hotels, tight budget rooms and everything in between, choose the best Tokyo lodging with our tips on the top neighborhoods and hotel recommendations.

Where to Stay in Kyoto

Our Kyoto hotel tips will help you find your ideal area and lodging from highend ryokans to affordable guesthouses, whether you want to be in downtown, Higashiyama, Arashiyama and more.

Where to Stay in Osaka

Deciding where to stay in vast Osaka can be overwhelming. Our Osaka hotel tips will help choose neighborhoods from central Namba to quiet Tennoji to suit your budget and vibe.

Cheap Accommodation Tips for Japan

Enjoy Japan without breaking the bank on lodging. Our cheap lodging Japan tips offer deals on capsule hotels, Airbnbs, discounted hotel rates, overnight buses, manga kissas, and staying at temples.

Japan Ryokan Guide

For a uniquely Japanese experience, spend a night at a ryokan inn. Our Japan ryokan guide will help you book these lodgings with tatami floors, communal baths, kaiseki meals and relaxation.

Japan Airbnb Guide

Airbnb offers affordable lodging in Japan. Our guide shares tips for finding the best Airbnbs in Tokyo, Kyoto and across Japan, whether you want a modern apartment or traditional house.

More Japan Accommodation Tips

Get the scoop on unique lodgings like manga comic cafes, temple stays, business hotels, family rooms and more with our comprehensive Japan lodging resources. We’ll ensure you find the best place to rest.

Eating in Japan Travel Tips

As a food lover’s paradise, get ready to eat your fill in Japan! Our Japan food travel tips will help you find the best ramen shops, sushi bars, street food stalls, restaurants and more across Japan.

Japan Restaurant Tips

Navigating dining in Japan can be confusing, but our restaurant tips will help you order, pay, use etiquette and understand menus to have the ideal dining experience anywhere in Japan.

Japan Street Food Guide

Skip the sit-down places and dive into Japan’s amazing street food like takoyaki, taiyaki, yakitori, onigiri, okonomiyaki and more with our street dining tips and guides for Tokyo, Osaka and other cities.

Japan Food Etiquette

Avoid embarrassing faux pas with our Japan dining etiquette guide covering chopsticks, slurping noodles, finishing your plate, tipping and etiquette for sushi bars, temples, tea shops and more so you can dine respectfully.

Japan Vegetarian Food Tips

While not veggie friendly, you can find meat-free and vegan food in Japan with our guide. We’ll share tips on communicating dietary needs, restaurant picks, what to watch for, and common non-vegetarian ingredients.

Find Good Restaurants in Japan

Not sure what’s good nearby? Our tips for finding top-rated dining in Japan cover using apps, guides, and plastic food displays to discover Kyoto’s top soba joints, Tokyo’s best ramen and more excellent restaurants across Japan.

More Japan Food and Dining Guides

Get the full scoop on dining in Japan with our further guides to conveyor belt sushi, Indian, Halal, kosher and other ethnic eats, cooking classes, tea ceremonies, food tours and everything food related so you can fully indulge!

Staying Connected in Japan Travel Tips

Staying connected to wi-fi and cellular networks can be challenging in Japan. Use our Japan phone and internet tips to stay linked through rental SIMs, pocket wi-fi, free wi-fi spots, using your overseas phone and more.

Japan SIM Card Guide

A Japan SIM card enables affordable data and calls. Our SIM card guide outlines where to buy a Japan tourist SIM, the best SIM card companies, prices and packages so you can stay connected.

Japan Pocket WiFi Guide

Pocket wi-fi rental provides wireless internet anywhere in Japan. Our guide will help you order a portable wi-fi hotspot online or rent one after arrival at the airport or in cities across Japan.

Japan Free WiFi Guide

Accessing free wi-fi can save on data costs. Our free wi-fi in Japan guide shares passwords and locations at cafes, fast food chains, malls, convenience stores and more so you can connect for free.

Using Your Phone in Japan

If you have an unlocked device, you can use your overseas phone in Japan. Our tips will help you enable roaming, understand coverage and find local SIMs for unlocked phones.

More Japan Connectivity Tips

Stay linked across Japan with more advice on renting mobile hotspots, buying Japan phones, using VOIP and internet calling services, managing international roaming fees and other ways to stay connected.

Japan Travel Etiquette Tips

Japan is renowned for well-mannered, polite society. Avoid standing out as rude with our essential Japan travel etiquette tips that cover bowing, dining, bathrooms, shoe removal, trains, taxis and much more to help you be respectful.

Japan Greetings and Body Language

Make the right first impression by learning proper Japanese greetings, bowing, giving and receiving business cards with two hands and other nonverbal communication tips for fitting in.

Japan Public Transit Etiquette

Blending in on Japan’s orderly metros, trains and buses comes down to etiquette. Our transit tips cover sleeping, cell phones, noise, priority seating, lining up, and more etiquette essentials.

Japan Bathroom Etiquette

Japanese bathrooms have lots of etiquette rules. Our tips demystify toilet slippers, toilet seats, washing, bin usage, noise, hand drying and more toilet and onsen bathing etiquette.

Japan Dining Etiquette Tips

Avoid embarrassment at Japan’s eateries and tea shops. Our dining etiquette guide covers ordering protocols, paying, using chopsticks and sleeves correctly, finishing plates, tipping and much more!

More Japan Cultural Etiquette Tips

Bow, remove shoes, exchange cards and avoid other taboos with further tips on Japan etiquette for taxis, temples, castles, staying in ryokans, taking photos and more so you don’t commit cultural errors.

With knowledgeable local advice, comprehensive guides, sample itineraries and tours, you’ll be prepared to fall in love with Japan. Start reading our Japan travel tips now and let your incredible journey begin!